Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Services

Providing you with increased return on investment by improving engagement and click through rates.

The digital advertising services I offer include:


Social Media Advertising

Helping you build brand authority and gain marketplace insights by strategic promotion of your products or services with paid content on social media.

Search Advertising

Creating the best user experience for your prospects while targeting and receiving very refined and qualified traffic for your business by strategically placing advertisements among the results on search engine result pages (e.g Google or Bing).

Display Advertising

Using graphics, video, audio, and your company’s branding to make your business stand out to users and attract their attention from across the Internet.

Video Advertising

As more people increasingly consume online video, reach them seamlessly by communicating your message through online video display advertisements.

Mobile Advertising

With the rapid increase in smartphone (and 'dumbphone') adoption still in full swing, reach customers on their devices with time-sensitive and tailored messages to create a sense of friendliness and build brand intimacy with customers.

Native Advertising

Creating highly engaging, customer empowering and shareable advertising messages through sponsored editorial content aimed at promoting your brand via online publications.


I also employ re-targeting campaigns to enable you re-engage your customers and website visitors through search and social media advertising.


Why should you use digital advertising?

  • It is flexible, highly data driven and outperforms other options at less cost
  • Research shows that digital advertising enhances the effectiveness of non-digital media channels
  • You only pay when your adverts convert
  • Targeting functionalities connect you directly to prospects and customers
  • Re-marketing functionalities improve conversion rates by showing adverts to prospects who have previously visited your website
  • It projects seamless customer service to prospects as they are being offered solutions to immediate problems
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